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Absenteeism October 7, 2013

So…it’s been a while. I could make about a million excuses, but I won’t. The truth is, I could have kept up with this blog if I weren’t quite, so lazy. As you know, I used to teach English; so when I write, I spend forever writing and rewriting, then editing my posts. (I just rewrote that sentence about four times, and it’s still not perfectly, grammatically correct.) Every time I’ve sat down to write a post in the last year and a half, I’ve thought of just how long it would take and decided I’d rather be doing something else. About a month ago, a friend of mine suggested that I become a photo blogger because we always spend at least a half and hour looking at the cake photos on my phone every time we get together. I was reluctant at first, but now think it’s a great idea. So, that’s what this blog will hopefully become, starting today. Here are a few pictures of the desserts I made this weekend (just a few, mind you):



2 Responses to “Absenteeism”

  1. pforpeanuts Says:

    Love this idea! 😉 And I love seeing what you make every day. How fun! Can I suggest a caption with the name of the creation? They look so delicious I want to know what it is!

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