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Chocolate-Lover’s Birthday Cake February 18, 2011

A friend’s birthday is February 29th, which doesn’t really exist this year.  So, instead we are celebrating her birthday this weekend!  I haven’t known this friend long (she’s my boyfriend’s, sister’s best friend), but I do know that she is an amazing person, a great friend and, like all amazing people, she loves chocolate.  So, in honor of this amazing person, I made this ultimate chocolate cake.  I didn’t take “in progress” photos because I was super busy this week (not only is this friend visiting, but most of my boyfriend’s family, as well).  I got the recipe here.  It’s an Ina Garten recipe.  Every recipe I have ever made by her has turned out amazingly.  The only problem I had with this one is that the cakes fell in the center.  I think this is due to not having extra-large eggs.  Instead of making frosting, I used Pillsbury chocolate fudge frosting, homemade chocolate ganache, and decorated with Dove chocolates and mini chocolate chips.  It looks amazing and I’m sure it will taste amazing, as well.

I made the cake according to the online recipe, except I didn’t add the coffee.  I used an equal amount of water, instead.

To decorate, line the edges of your tray with wax paper, place one of the cakes in the center, and cover the top with frosting.  Place the other cake on top and cover the sides with more frosting building it up around the top a bit to form a rim to hold in the ganache.  Total, I used about two cans of frosting.  Remove the wax paper from under the edges of the cake and cover the gap this leaves by smoothing down the frosting and covering it with mini chocolate chips.  Next, make a milk chocolate ganache similar to this one, only with about a quarter cup more half and half to make it easier to spread.  Let the ganache cool slightly, then poor it onto the top of the cake.  Tilt the cake to spread out the ganache until it covers the entire top.  Lastly, decorate with your choice of chocolates and enjoy a giant slice, or maybe two.  It is a birthday celebration, after all.

Here’s to a very happy birthday, T. E.!  I hope you have an amazing time that ends in a sugar coma.



One Response to “Chocolate-Lover’s Birthday Cake”

  1. Joseph Says:

    I did not get to try a piece when I was there. CRY!

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