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A Different Kind of Turkey November 24, 2010

My house has been invaded by an army of turkeys!  They are all lined up in rank and file ready to invade my Thanksgiving table.  These Turkey Cookies have been invading my Thanksgiving celebrations every year since I was in high school, and they are always a hit with kids and adults alike.  I make dozens of them every year, but seem to only be able to keep a few because everyone wants them.  They make a wonderful centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table that doubles as a guest gift: everyone just grabs their turkey to go.  I have seen countless turkey-shaped desserts, but I have to say that mine are the cutest.  What do you think, am I just biased?

Here’s what you need:

amounts are all subjective depending on how many cookies you are making

chocolate-covered graham crackers

double-stuffed Oreos

striped shortbread cookies

candy corn

chocolate frosting*

resealable, plastic bag or piping bag with round tip

Here’s what you do:

First, prepare the frosting for piping by placing the plastic bag into a cup and turning the top down around the edges.  Spoon your chocolate frosting into the bag, fold up and seal the edges of the bag, squeeze all of the frosting into one corner, and cut a small hole for piping.

On a large tray (one that will fit into your fridge), lay out your chocolate-covered graham crackers.  These will be the base of each turkey.  Using the piping bag, pipe two perpendicular lines on the base in the shape of a T.  This will be the “glue” that holds the turkey’s tail and body to the base.

On the top line of the T, place one striped shortbread making sure that the lines are vertical to make the appearance of feathers.  Pick up the Oreo body and pipe a line of frosting along the edge that is going to touch the tail.  Place the Oreo on the vertical line of the T and press against the tail to make the body stand up.

Now it’s time for the head.  Pick up one piece of candy corn and pipe a generous amount of frosting on one side.  Place this “head” onto the front of the Oreo towards the top.

Once you have completed all of your turkeys, place the tray in the refrigerator for two hours (or freezer for 30 minutes) until they are completely set.  The turkeys can be served as is, or placed in clear gift bags and tied with holiday-appropriate ribbon and given as gifts.

*If you have leftover frosting you can make little acorns out of mini vanilla wafers and chocolate kisses!


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