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dulcis serenus: a blog about my obsession with baking February 25, 2010

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Baking has always been a very calming activity for me.  I like the ritual of it: choosing the right tools and equipment, gathering the ingredients, measuring, mixing, pouring, baking, ending with a delectable confection that I can share with others.  I have always felt this way about baking.  I can remember being a small child, five or six, standing on a bar stool in my parents’ kitchen while my oldest brother and I made my first cake as a surprise for our mother.  There was an excitement there that I had never felt before as my brother tore open the plastic bag of cake mix and let the contents tumble into the mixing bowl, and a terrible anticipation as I watched the cake rise in the oven.  At that moment I was hooked; I became a Baker.

Since then I have baked countless deserts and snacks, and every time I am  filled with that same excitement and anticipation as well as a sweet calm that turns any stressful day into blissful happiness.  This is why I have chosen to call my blog dulcis serenus, or sweet serenity.  I want to share my thoughts and experiences, as well as my trials and errors, along with my favorite recipes…and let’s not forget pictures of delicious goodies!


2 Responses to “dulcis serenus: a blog about my obsession with baking”

  1. Joe Says:

    Fantastic for the first recipe! I brought a pie sample to Megan and she requested Gabe send me the blog. I now have it and expect bite sized pies soon. Thank you!

  2. […] birthdays, too).  A year ago February 25 I wrote, and re-wrote, and edited, and obsessed over my first post discussing my obsession with baking.  Five people read that first post, now more than fifty check […]

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